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Robin Hood Bycocket Hat

Robin Hood Bycocket Hat

   We all love stories of Robin Hood, the plucky underdog with the iconic bycocket hat. Did he exist and did he really steal from the rich to give to the poor?  



English legal records suggest that, as early as the 13th century, “Robehod,” “Rabunhod” and other variations had become common epithets for criminals. But what had inspired these nicknames: a fictional tale, an infamous bandit or an amalgam of both?

  When the story is traced back to its 14th-century beginnings, the figure of Robin Hood changes with time. The earliest versions would be almost unrecognizable when compared to the green-clad, bow-wielding Robin Hood of today. As the centuries passed, the tale of Robin Hood evolved as England evolved. With each new iteration, the Robin Hood legend would absorb new characters, settings, and traits—evolving into the familiar legend of today. National   



    The bycocket or bycoket hat was used for riding and hawking and worn by men and women. It is an excellent hat for the archer as it shaded the eyes without getting in the way of the bow.




    This hat also serves a more modern purpose of containing your hair during outdoor dining!


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