Frequently Asked Questions

Return Policy

We will exchange it or issue a refund if you contact us right away, and as long as the hat has not been worn or altered. This needs to be handled as soon as you receive the hat. Unless it is our error,  all shipping charges will be at your expense. Custom orders should be considered non refundable. All orders will be non refundable after 14 days unless we discuss special circumstances.

Can you make this hat from my fabric?

Some styles can be made from customer-supplied fabrics for an extra fee. We like to remind people that the period was a mix of fabrics, patterns and colors and hats were not often made at the same time as the garments.

Which hats are for men and which hats are women’s?

Hats can be worn by men or women, although the hats with veils are generally for women. Women wear anything they want to and men are learning.

Will you repair a hat I bought from you?

Some repairs are simple and free and some are more complicated so all are handled individually. We want you to be happy with your hat and will try to resurrect an old friend if possible.

Can I wear this Cavalier/Tall Hat/ Tricorn/ Top Hat in the rain?

These rigid hats can take a little rain but are not rain hats. They can be reshaped if they get a little wet and should be stored in the shape you want to maintain. More complete care instructions come with the hat.

Can you make a hat to fit my unusually shaped/sized head?                                        

I can make XS and XXL in the Cavaliers, Tall Hats and Tricorn/Pirates. I can also adjust for a long head, round head or broad forehead. Heads definitely come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Also, view our sizing page to see how to stretch your hat.

Can I send a swatch for color matching?

This is a great help. The fabric colors change each time we order them.

How long will it take to receive my purchase?

If the item is in stock it will be shipped within a day of receiving the order. If there will be a delay we will contact you.