We are merry makers of American-made, heirloom quality hats, headpieces and feather accessories that span the lines of period, classic and modern styles.

For us, every hat has a story and it begins at the bandsaw - uniquely molded and constructed one at a time, made of materials cut and finished by hand. It all happens at our design studio tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We make hats to create memories, make statements, and transcend time. A chance to play dress up and find that simple joy in a sometimes not-so-simple world.

Renaissance Hats Tall Toad Store DisplayRenaissance Hats Tall Toad Store Display


Patty Hedrick Hat MakerOriginally a mascot costume-maker by happenstance (lots of good stories there), designer Patty Hetrick’s playful spirit pours into each piece she cuts, sews and crafts. She believes fashion’s oldest accessory does more than complete a look, it transforms a person - be it on stage, at a Renaissance Faire, at a rally, in daily life and even national TV (where her designs are known to appear!).

Literally creating the Tall Toad brand with her own two hands more than 30 years ago, Patty’s drive goes way beyond creation and sales. First and foremost, her mission is that each one-of-a-kind hat be constructed in a way that lasts the test of time (and a party or ten)! After all, fun and fancy hats and headdresses have full lives to live. Just ask our customers who certainly have stories to tell! Find a few of those here.