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Greetings from The Maryland Renaissance Festival!

Greetings from The Maryland Renaissance Festival!

Scenes from the Maryland Renaissance Festival by Tall Toad Hats

Lords, ladies, dames, damsels, merry makers and renn revelers,

It’s been a glorious few weeks here in in the Village of Revel Grove (aka Crownsville, just outside of Annapolis, Maryland). It’s hard to believe this year marks our 27th appearance at the renn fest! So many tall tales, charismatic
characters and kindred hat fanatic spirits met along the way.

tall hats and renaissance hats for men by Tall Toad Hats at Maryland Renaissance Festival


Horned headdresses and renaissance hats for women, made in the USA by Tall Toad Hats

This year we spruced up the olde shoppe and spent hours upon hours hand-finishing some fancy new renaissance hats to add to our assortment, along with favorites like robin hood hats, feathered berets, flat caps and jesters hats.


Renaissance hats for men and Renaissance hats for women, made in the USA

Renaissance hats for men and Renaissance hats for women, made in the USA

Opening weekend brought us fairytale blue skies, 75 degree weather and loads of happy customers. We’re a month in and the merriment abounds.

Tall Toad Hats at Maryland Renaissance Festival, renaissance hats for men, renaissance hats for women

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of renaissance festivals (after all, most of our customers love to escape modern reality from time to time!). But if you have yet to attend The Maryland Renaissance Festival (or are simply contemplating adding this faire to your list), here are just a few reasons
(besides visiting us!) that you should make the trip:

  1. It’s a biggie! The Maryland Renaissance Festival is the second largest Renaissance Festival in the country and spans 25 acres. Since the Festival's first season as a ramshackle village in 1977, the event has matured into a large theme show with more than 1,300 participants and 280,000 guests per season.

  2. Oh, the drama! Unlike most festivals, including renaissance festivals, the Maryland Renaissance Festival incorporates a rich storyline focused on Henry VIII that progresses each year. It follows the monarch through all his reign and all six of his wives. This year’s focus is the king’s growing infatuation with Anne Boleyn, who later became Henry’s second wife and the queen of England. The plot thickens!

  3. Non-stop fun and frivolity! More than 200 performers fill ten stages and taverns as well as the streets of the village with continuous entertainment that propels the storyline forward. Mix and mingle with royalty, peasants, craftsmen, and knights. History never looked so good!

  4. The fierce competition! A three thousand seat jousting arena hosts authentic combat joust thrice daily featuring a field full of horses, men in armor, chariots, trick riding and thrills for all ages. Hurrah!

  5. The food and fine-made wares! Metal work, wood sculpture, jewelry, furniture, clothing, footwear, ceramics, stained glass, headwear (ehem...Tall Toad!), glassblowing and many demonstrating craftspeople fill the shops and studios. Meanwhile, The King’s kitchens serve up sumptuous delights like one pound smoked turkey legs, steak on a stake, fresh crepes, stuffed chili peppers, gyros, succulent ribs, a fresh seafood raw bar, cider, beer and more!

The festival runs weekends until October 22nd. Hope to see your shining faces soon!

Patty Hetrick owner of Tall Toad Hats