Steepled Hennin Cone - Fuchsia / White Veil - Tall Toad

Steepled Hennin Cone - Fuchsia / White Veil

$35.00 USD

Steeple hennins were popular in the mid to late 1400's and described by [Phillip] Stubbes as, "pearking up like the sphere of shaft of a steeple, standyng a quarter of a yarde above the croune of their heades, some more, some lesse, as please the phantasies of their incontant mindes." 
- from James Hlliwell's Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, 1855

Our steepled cone hats, or "princess hats", are brocade covered canvas with a nylon veil. We put a small hair comb inside to help them stay in place and use velvet ribbon for ties that feel good under your chin.